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Microsoft 2.0 – The new Beginning

Microsoft is preparing to enter into a new era with the departure of Ballmer. Not that Ballmer’s period as the CEO was bad, but a bright future lies ahead for the technology giant. The acquisition of Nokia and a possible acquisition of BlackBerry would enable Microsoft to gain a much needed foothold in the mobile market – enterprise in particular.

It is rare to see a giant like Microsoft reinventing itself so drastically when they are enjoying a period of relatively good growth. This emphasizes that the company works towards its long term goals and cannot be judged by short term falls. Continue reading Microsoft 2.0 – The new Beginning

Steve Ballmer deserves praise – in a huge way

We have seen many charismatic CEOs and even know a few things about them personally. But none other than Steven Anthony Ballmer has the characteristic effervescent energy, explicit enthusiasm and sheer passion for what he does. The intonation in “I Love This Company” (during the famous ‘developers, developers’ speech) – speak volumes about his determined dedication. You would not henceforth see anyone expressing themselves on the stage with an aura of intense energy that sets the stage on fire. Ballmer did a remarkable job at increasing the revenues and diversifying the product lines. However, he was responsible in missing the mobile buzz which proved to be disastrous to Microsoft in that arena. Continue reading Steve Ballmer deserves praise – in a huge way