Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Pebble vs i’m

We have seen it only in movies. But now things are for real.

The SmartWatch is not a new invention but rather is an evolution of wrist computing technology, first introduced by Seiko with their ‘Pulsar’ range in 1982. Originally from Hamilton Watch Company, the brand name ‘Pulsar’ was later acquired by the Japanese Watch Company Seiko in 1978. That pulsar model was programmable. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Pebble vs i’m

Six Sigma is a sheer gimmick

Talks about Processes and methodology begins where innovation and creativity ends.

Six Sigma especially tries to quantify everything while qualifying nothing. And it miserably fails in any department where a little bit of innovation and creativity is needed (not just wanted). A fortune article (Jan. 22, 2001)┬ástated that “of 58 large companies that have announced Six Sigma programs, 91 percent have trailed the S&P500┬ásince”. That is a huge number of failure exclusively by force-fitting such redundant processes into a highly creative and technical organization. Continue reading Six Sigma is a sheer gimmick