new yahoo sucks

New Yahoo Mail Sucks – What’s Wrong Yahoo ?

Ever since a lady like Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo (I don’t think any respectable CEO would pose that way – she is holding the goodwill of Yahoo at stake), these kind of awkward changes can be expected. The team which designed the new UI should be fired immediately. This is insane. Usability has been thrown out of the door. There are innumerable services offering much superior email experience. But many of us had been loyal enough by sticking on to Yahoo. The new changes are clearly a slap on the face for all of us. The new Yahoo mail sucks!

This horror of an UI had been incorporated in their Windows 8/8.1 Yahoo Mail App too. Clearly something is wrong with the designers at Yahoo. The tabbed interface is gone. Sending a forward is horrible. And so is sending a reply. Searching takes forever. The background is undesirably imposing itself right on to my retina – so much that I am not able to read the email properly. The “Switch to basic” mode seems futile.

I have written to Yahoo requesting them to restore the previous interface with tabs. I am waiting for the response. If I am not receiving a decent response sooner, I may have to switch to a different email provider. It is now an issue of self-respect and I believe a favorable response from them would do a lot of good for many of us.

  • somebody

    It is no more yahoo and it is aahaaa!

  • Krishna.S.Santosh

    Yes right, it is Horrible… Yahoo should listen to the feedback and change it back..