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Will Google Hummingbird (new Algorithm) affect SEO ?

Google is clearly the God of search engines and web masters have discovered many ways to optimize their websites to improve their visibility on Google. Google has silently released a new search algorithm named Hummingbird which is already incorporated into their search engine. Considering this and considering many other technical reasons, I believe Google’s new Search algorithm Google Hummingbird may not adversely affect the existing SEO techniques. It is said to focus on meaning of the sentence we type in (rather than the individual words) thereby increasing the precision of search results. That would be interesting and would open many more avenues for meaningful search optimization.

I still have my doubts about the keyword focus staying relevant with Hummingbird. It certainly would but the priority is in question. Obviously, if an entire sentence is taken into consideration, then the keyword alone would not help much. I guess there is a lot more to learn and experiment until we discover an effective way to optimize the website. But nobody has complained so far, so it appears that the existing conventions of SEO still holds good. What remains to be seen, however, are the newer techniques to optimize the search results. Hopefully the relevant information is opened up to the web developers.

This is surely a welcome step as it would attempt at eliminating many junk “for money alone” websites, which provide very less or no information, yet manage to list on top of the search results. These are the sites that would be ranked lower by the newer system. The pleasant side effect would be that any genuine high quality articles may get promoted and that could yield a lot of visibility considering the junk stuff taking up a large portion of the search results so far.

While this is a great step forward, it would be even greater if Google publishes an overview of any new algorithm it matures.