5 steps to get your Google Adsense account approved

Ten years back, I was writing stuffs over internet and i never really thought I could make money with that. There was absolutely no motivation or incentive to write. Occasionally I would come across certain incident that would prompt me to write. I would take 2 weeks to write five paragraphs after which it gets proof read and published in another 2 weeks. But with Google Adsense, the situation is a whole lot different now. They pay for real and there are lot of incentives. This was a credible alternate source of income for many bloggers around. A few bloggers depend on Adsense as their sole stream of revenue.5 

All is good as long as you get approved and play according to their terms and conditions. The approval is the first step and not all the websites get approved. I have been trying to apply for Adsense on my blog and have failed at least three times. I took a break and reflected on what could be the reason. I am yet to get approved, but I believe this time I would get through. I have come up with this list based on what I think could be the reasons for your account getting refused and what could be the probable remedy.

Mature your User Interface

According to me, this should be the number one reason. With numerous platforms like WordPress and Orchard, it gets very easy to tinker a website and set it up and running in a couple of hours. Snap a free theme to it and you are done. Fine, what about the feel ? Take time, model a website and make sure users feel comfortable with the look and feel you provide. There is nothing wrong with using a CMS – in most cases you should. Again, there is nothing wrong in snapping a free theme. But focus on what goes in. Make the website complete with a nice navigation and right mix of text and images. Less images would prove beneficial. If you have to use images, make sure you describe them in “alt” attribute.

Be Good. Be Genuine. 

These days almost every kid has a blog and the main intention of such blog is to make money with Google Adsense or other similar programs. With this in mind, the content often gets overlooked. Adsense or any other programs are not for charity. They make huge profits for their respective Companies. And there exists a mechanism to verify and validate every content you publish to your website. If you are smart enough to snoop through other pages and copy / paste their content, Google is more smarter than you. They have this knack of finding such irregularities and may refuse your application. Without genuine content, forget about getting the approval. It is just not going to happen. Money is important. But do not publish something just for the sake of money.

Write relevant content

If your website is about technology, blog only about technology. What is the point of writing about politics in a page intended for technology unless it is necessary. Writing a blog is more about expressing your opinion. And when a visitor gets to your blog, he has a specific thing in mind. Make sure you don’t overload the visitor with all irrelevant information. Most of the advertising programs work by analyzing your keywords. Irrelevant content would not help in getting the context right and most likely you will not get approved. Even if you get the approval, your earning may not improve as long as irrelevant content stays. Assume you are the crawler. Make sure you present information in the way you like to crawl.

 Make sure you get Visitors genuinely 

To get more visitors, you need more contextual content. The number of visitors is directly proportional to your earnings. Please do not participate in link exchange networks or any other programs that promises to deliver traffic to your website. You may be able to gain huge number of artificial visitors, but you risk your approval or loosing your account if your account was already approved. And this does no good in the long run. Instead focus on genuine optimization techniques by increasing the relevancy of content and usage of correct keywords. Getting visitors to your site is a long process and it takes good amount of time and effort. Be patient enough. Getting over 200 visitors a day could be your initial target and it requires good effort.

Stay Awake and capture the trend

Be the first or at least one of the first to write about a latest product launch or any upcoming event. These are the things people search often and when your site has the content ready, search engines may readily list yours. This way you can get newer visitors to your website. When your website is presentable and filled with really good content your website may get bookmarked and you may get frequent visitors as a pleasant consequence. Capturing a trend earlier and writing about it is one of the best way to gain genuine visitors.

As of now, Google Adsense seems to be the best advertising platform on the planet in terms of reach and payout. There are few notable alternatives like Chitika and Technorati Media though. With a steady stream of advertising income, it could persuade you to experiment on something newer and bigger. But before all of this happens, you need to have your application approved. Even if your Adsense account is not approved – keep writing and keep hoping. You can always apply later when your website is really ready. It takes time and it takes effort.

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