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Android Tablet makes more sense than iPad

Why buy an iPad when you can buy a better Android Tablet at a fraction of cost ? I don’t understand this inexplicable frenzy behind any Apple product. I could not stop to wonder if people have lost their sanity or if they have been hypnotized en masse. I tried to play with and iPad and even tried to work with it. I do not write it off – it is a good tablet Continue reading Android Tablet makes more sense than iPad

Will Google Hummingbird (new Algorithm) affect SEO ?

Google is clearly the God of search engines and web masters have discovered many ways to optimize their websites to improve their visibility on Google. Google has silently released a new search algorithm named Hummingbird which is already incorporated into their search engine. Considering this and considering many other technical reasons, I believe Google’s new Search algorithm Google Hummingbird may not adversely affect Continue reading Will Google Hummingbird (new Algorithm) affect SEO ?

The brand new Yahoo Mail and new App for Windows 8/8.1

Yahoo has unveiled a new version of Yahoo Mail with a revamped user interface. It looks refreshing though I doubt the usability factor. There are a few notable changes like custom backgrounds and ability to quickly “star” an email. However there is nothing so drastic. The welcome screen (in Windows 8/8.1) displays an assortment of themes you can choose to set as default. Its good to have themes, but we need more functionality. Continue reading The brand new Yahoo Mail and new App for Windows 8/8.1

Microsoft 2.0 – The new Beginning

Microsoft is preparing to enter into a new era with the departure of Ballmer. Not that Ballmer’s period as the CEO was bad, but a bright future lies ahead for the technology giant. The acquisition of Nokia and a possible acquisition of BlackBerry would enable Microsoft to gain a much needed foothold in the mobile market – enterprise in particular.

It is rare to see a giant like Microsoft reinventing itself so drastically when they are enjoying a period of relatively good growth. This emphasizes that the company works towards its long term goals and cannot be judged by short term falls. Continue reading Microsoft 2.0 – The new Beginning

Steve Ballmer deserves praise – in a huge way

We have seen many charismatic CEOs and even know a few things about them personally. But none other than Steven Anthony Ballmer has the characteristic effervescent energy, explicit enthusiasm and sheer passion for what he does. The intonation in “I Love This Company” (during the famous ‘developers, developers’ speech) – speak volumes about his determined dedication. You would not henceforth see anyone expressing themselves on the stage with an aura of intense energy that sets the stage on fire. Ballmer did a remarkable job at increasing the revenues and diversifying the product lines. However, he was responsible in missing the mobile buzz which proved to be disastrous to Microsoft in that arena. Continue reading Steve Ballmer deserves praise – in a huge way

Surface 2 Pro – A Do or Die situation for Microsoft

As usual, Microsoft is pretty late to the game and has been struggling to gain a decent share of the market since few years. These delays cost them huge and has provided an opportunity for Google and Samsung to flood the market with cheaper devices. Apple polishes an existing technology to such an extent that it appears to be invented by Apple. They are an expert in that and hence they appear to be innovative in the minds of people. The world, as it stands today, has been hypnotized to a great extent by Apple and I don’t see this phenomenon ebbing out in near future. The success of i-Devices¬†are a combination of technical excellence, brilliant marketing methods and also being at the right time at the¬†right place. Microsoft is nowhere to be seen in the Tablet market. And Microsoft is slowly but steadily loosing relevance. However, for the software giant, the launch of Surface 2 is a breath of fresh air. Continue reading Surface 2 Pro – A Do or Die situation for Microsoft