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5 steps to get your Google Adsense account approved

Ten years back, I was writing stuffs over internet and i never really thought I could make money with that. There was absolutely no motivation or incentive to write. Occasionally I would come across certain incident that would prompt me to write. I would take 2 weeks to write five paragraphs after which it gets proof read and published in another 2 weeks. But with Google Adsense, the situation is a whole lot different now. They pay for real and there are lot of incentives. This was a credible alternate source of income for many bloggers around. A few bloggers depend on Adsense as their sole stream of revenue.5  Continue reading 5 steps to get your Google Adsense account approved

US Goverment Shuts Down – What happens now ?

This is the first time since 17 years the US government slips into a partial shutdown. Basically the US is left out without a spending plan for the 2014 fiscal year that begins on Tuesday. The congress has failed to reach a consensus about the new health care law among other things. The last time it happened was during 1995-1996. It shook the US economy but the economy bounced back rather quickly. But times were different then and the situation was pretty strong as compared to today. Continue reading US Goverment Shuts Down РWhat happens now ?